Project Description

Lines 30 x 60

When it comes to singing nothing sounds better than birds, with the wonderful melody that comes from the inner emotion. With the same concept when the artist invent, this fantasy would be generated from the perspective of beauty which is reflected from him, to create an amazing product built on symmetry and planning as an ideal form of beauty. We considered several aspects such as: attention to control, the clinch, and the dimensions either in size, shape, color or movement. For those who are looking for luxury we present a unique design in an outstanding rich decor, and also a vivid strong glossy color space like the black, white, purple and red. This new and modern design is presented with a 3 dimensional surface for kitchens and bathrooms made especially to the seeker of elegance and luxury.


Wall Tiles

White 30×60

Décor  30×60

Red 30×60

Listello 10×60